Video Content & Advertising

IMG Creative excels in creating video content and advertising that best represents brands to audiences through compelling visions and creative concepts. Our team includes experts who understand the dynamics of viewer engagement, enabling them to craft video content that captures attention, evokes emotion, and inspires action.

A key rule in our work is to collaborate closely with clients from concept to completion. Let’s explore the business details and specifics and go through the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) concept. This approach ensures that each piece of content accurately expresses the brand’s identity and goals.

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Product Videos

IMG Creative’s product videos service presents your product in the best possible way, but also helps to improve sales. What could be better than having an audience remember your product thanks to a video advertisement and then actively seeking it out? Get noticed!

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Our pleased customers have already shared that our video ads have significantly increased the company’s sales. Many people are still talking about them! This is because in our work, we strictly follow the latest digital trends that drive sales as well as cater to the interests of the audience.


E-learning Videos

Enhance your educational offerings with the E-Learning Videos service. Our purpose-built visual narratives are designed to maximise audience engagement with the curriculum and subsequently help make learning an immersive and enjoyable experience for students of all ages.


Slideshow Videos

Capture and convey your message with elegance, creativity and clarity. We can transform your photos and text into dynamic presentations. Our customised slideshow videos are designed to impress your audience and make every transition and frame a meaningful part of your story.

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UGC Videos and Ads

Increase your brand authenticity and connect with your audience on a personal level with UGC (User Generated Content). We curate and transform real customer stories and testimonials into powerful video content that not only showcases real experiences but instils trust in the audience and encourages engagement through beautiful design.

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Social Media & Marketing Videos

Enhance your strategy with our video content creator service for social media and marketing videos. We create video content that engages, entertains, and educates your audience, while taking into account platform-specific requirements.

Our custom videos not only drive views but also enhance engagement with your company, making a lasting impact on viewers.

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E-commerce Product Videos

Our E-Commerce Product Videos service demonstrates our understanding of the differences in how a product appears when offered for sale in a physical store versus online, and we leverage this knowledge to the benefit of our customers. Without a doubt, we can provide you with the best possible product or brand videos to enhance your online sales.


Corporate Videos

IMG Creative’s corporate video production service strengthens your corporate identity and markets your brand effectively. Our professional videos also serve as a powerful tool for engaging audiences, showcasing your commitment to excellence and innovation.

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App and Website Previews

This service creates engaging videos that highlight the features, usability, and unique benefits of your app or website.

Our preliminary surveys are designed to elicit the necessary information for potential users. This approach ensures that the final product achieves the desired results of pleasing the audience and enhancing the brand’s success.

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Frequently asked questions!

To create a professional corporate video, you need to start with a clear strategy and idea for your content. Invest in quality video and audio equipment, and don’t overlook the importance of good editing and processing of the material.

Video ads play a key role in online marketing, providing an opportunity for more direct and emotional interaction with potential customers. They can increase brand awareness and engagement and encourage conversions.

The key elements of successful video content include a) a strong story, b) visual appeal, c) quality production, and d) a clear call-to-action (CTA) for viewers.

The most common mistakes when creating video content include poor audio and image quality, video length outside the optimal range, and lack of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Ecommerce product videos show products in action, helping users understand their features and benefits. Also, they increase customer confidence and reduce the return rate because they provide a more realistic view of the product.

Investing in video training is important as it provides more effective and engaging content for the purpose of training employees, customers or students. Video can facilitate the learning of information, keep learners’ attention and help them remember the material better..

Visualisation helps to present the information and functionality of an app or website clearly and attractively, making it easier for users to navigate and interact.

To create a successful social media video strategy, you first need to determine your goals and target audience. Then, choose the appropriate social platforms for your business and tailor your content to them. Use a variety of video formats, such as short clips, stories, livestreams, and more, to cater to the different preferences of your audience.

The time to create a video depends on the complexity of the project. It usually takes from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the client’s requirements.

The cost varies depending on the length and complexity of the video, as well as the services required. For an exact quote, please contact us with details of your project.

Yes, you can view our portfolio on our website where we have shared examples of completed projects for various clients. Contact us by submitting an assignment from the button at the top of the site.